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have what's called a gun show loophole meaning if you buy a gun at a gun show, you don't have to have a background check. as for protesters, we have not seen any since we've been here. i spoke to the photographer who was here earlier today, and he did not see any either. the gun show ended at 5:00, just a few minutes ago, but it continues here at the cow palace tomorrow. live in daly city, monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >>> hundreds of people gathered in petaluma today to remember 19-year-old alyssa burns. she died over the new year's holiday in tahoe. and many at the memorial made a pledge in her honor. she was found dead after she tried to walk three miles to her hotel in freezing weather after a party. friends pledged that as part of her memory, they would use the buddy system and stick together whether they're in petaluma or anywhere else. her dad is grateful that lesson is being learned. >> we've had way too much tragedy here already. let's get the kids out and learn something and be positive. and instead of having memorials like this for one of our children that
, they don't care what it means, they just want to get to the games. >>> san francisco's end of free parking on new year's on sundays has some unintended consequences. today is the first sunday people have to pay to park in the city, it's expected to bring in almost $2 million a year for the city's transportation agency. it's good news for the city, but frustrating for folks who just wanted to go downtown. >> it's a detriment to churches and church communities. and certainly to the community that people feel after churches. >> some small businesses are already voicing their concerns about charging for meters on sundays for parking. they say it will drive people to shop at malls where they can park for free. the transit agency says it will increase shopper turnover. >>> now back to our developing story in the south bay. a car crash landed into a pond this afternoon. now, we know that one woman is dead because of that accident. the pond is located along the almadden expressway near highway 85 interchange. california highway patrol says according to witnesses, a driver was speeding. crashed thr
since 1998. >>> don't be surprised if the bay bridge appears to be flashing tonight. testing is set to begin on the bay lights art project. more than 25,000 l.e.d. bulbs have been attached on the san francisco side of the bridge. crews will run the first expense test tonight. the goal is to make it look as though the bridge is moving and breathing with the environment around it. the $8 million project was created to celebrate the bridge's 75th anniversary. the switch will officially be turned on in march and run for two years. >>> i knew after i brewed my first batch of home brew this is something i could do for a living. >> people love the brew. what he creates is something so unique that people are willing to line up for blocks around buildings to get their hands on it. coming up, the story of piney the elder, tonight's bay area press. >>> got tissues? the flu virus is sending hundreds to the hospital on the east coast, and doctors say it's just a matter of time before the flu virus hits the bay area hard. coming up, i'll take a look at the increase we're already seeing and what y
, google's executive chairman spotted something pretty rare, university students who don't logon to the web for fun. they're among the few north koreans who can openly access the internet which they use only for studies. google chairman air ieric schmi in north korea with bill richardson. part of their trip is to advocate for the release of a korean-american. >>> connect your phone to your vacuum? yeah, seems like it's from "the jetsons," but soon you may be able to take advantage of this technology. scott budman is on the floor of the consumer electronics show in las vegas with more. good evening, scott. >> reporter: good evening, janelle and raj. this is expected to be the biggest ces ever in terms of people and the number of gadgets on the floors. our appetite in these things continues to stay steady. we begin tonight with the company that has been building a base in the bay area lately. now it wants to be inside your home. ♪ with somewhere close to 150,000 people getting their first shot at literally thousands of new gadgets, we found one company specifically targeting the bay area, s
town during the 113-day lockout about the appointment and frustration. downtown businesses don't just miss the action, they also bring the money that hockey brings in. the sharks generate more than $1.3 million for san jose and sharks-related spending outside the venue is about $38 million a year. now as the sharks prepare for a season that could begin in less than two weeks, they know they have something to prove to their fans and their community. >> there will be some people that are upset. it's our job to put a quality product on the ice now, to play hard every night, to win as many games as possible and try and earn their loyalty back. you know, there's not much we can say other than apologize. >> reporter: the sharks aren't yet up on the hp pavilion marqu marquee, but other acts are, and that speaks to the difficulty about coming up with the home schedule for the abbreviated season. that must be an unenviable task. we do know that the regularly scheduled home game that is coming up next is january 31st against the boston bruins. but that is, of course, subject to change as the nh
? i don't think i would wanting to be on it until they have it fixed. >> i have confidence in the airplane, there are going to be problems with the new airplane, that is common. >> the inaugural flight is friday from san jose, the dream liner was designed with more passenger comfort and it was first plane built by light weight composite and burns a fifth of the fuel from other planes of its size. >> more than two days after it hit the bay bridge. the harbor safety committee will meet tomorrow, no big changes to the controlling traffic in the bare area is expected. coast guard warned the tanker prior to striking the bridge. we put in a request to learn what the warning was. the ntsb that was investigating the accident said it will provide an update for us tomorrow. >> investigators trying to find out what caused the high speed ferry to crash in a dock in lower man hat tan today. hundreds of commuters were on board. firefighters and other emergency personnel rushed to the scene to treat the injured. about 70 people were sent to the hospital, 11 seriously injured. the ferry in
cliff, they did not extend the payroll tax cuts. that means a 2% increase to i don't really social security tax went into effect this month. bottom line, the average american that pulls in $1700 a check, lost $33 a check. >> the 49ers beat the packers in the first game of the season at green bay, so homefield advantage will hopefully mean a big win at the stick. >>> san francisco mayor, and the mayor of green bay are making a friendly wager on the game and this bet has an educational twist. if the 49ers win, green bay will sponsor special tours for hundreds of san francisco kids at the exploratorium when it opens at the new home at pier 15 in april. if the niners lose, san francisco will sponsor a free admission day at the children's museum of green bay a. if the game comes down a field goal, it will be a familiar face doing the kicking. jim harbaugh said his original guy, david akers is still his guy. despite missing a nfl high 13 field goals this season. >> okay, so only of us or most of us will be glued to the set watching the game. this is the bay area, so it would be that we a
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7